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How to make mathematics fun and easy with mathematician Kenneth Williams .

Hi there, I’m Kenneth “Math Ken” Williams.

I have been a mathematician of over 40 years.

And I can show YOU different and better ways to learn mathematics.

You can learn quick mathematics skills within minutes.

You can pick up new techniques within minutes and use for a lifetime.

You can develop excellent mathematics skills.

And you will enjoy the experience.

So here’s a question for you…

What Makes “MathKen” Different & Better?

I’ve been a mathematician since 1971 after graduating with a degree in  Astronomy.

Like many graduates, I decided to share my knowledge and started work teaching mathematics in schools, a job I loved dearly. (There is nothing like seeing the look of understanding on students’ faces when they finally understand something they thought was difficult.)

I thought school teaching would be my whole life. But one day a friend, who knew I was a mathematician, gave me a mathematics book originally published in India.

I was enthralled by this book.

Although the book was written in dense equations and technical language, I was able to understand exactly what the author was saying.

So I began to experiment. I simplified some of the Indian methods in the book to make them more accessible to school students.

Then I tested the techniques on the kids. The results were immediate…

“Why weren’t we shown this before?”

I remember the look on the children’s faces when I showed them easier ways to solve arithmetic problems. To a teacher this kind of wonder is a reward in itself.

Students discovered that many methods are far easier and more natural than the unnatural methods they had wrestled with since junior school.

To the students this was a revelation.

“Learn Mathematics from a Professional”

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to lecture to audiences in many countries around the world.

  • I’ve spoken to groups, from young children just starting out in arithmetic, to University students pursuing mathematics as a career.
  • I gave extensive summer courses at Oxford University for a number of years.
  • In 2006 I became an educational consultant to a teaching company setting up private mathematics schools for children in the Far East.
  • From 2008 to 2012 I ran an online training course teaching people around the world the easier ways to learn basic math skills.

And now my aim for MathKen.com is to help as many people as possible to discover their “inner mathematician” by learning the different ways to tackle math problems.

Because here’s the real point:

Everybody can do mathematics. All you need are the right techniques.

And I can deliver them.

YOU can find mathematics fun and rewarding.

So please, make yourself at home on this website.

Do this, and your mathematical skills will soar.

To your success in mathematics and in life,

Kind regards,

Kenneth “Math Ken” Williams


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