Easy Ways to Add and Subtract 2-Figure Numbers

In this lesson:

Adding and subtracting 2-figure numbers that don’t involve any carry figures

Adding 2-Figure Numbers

Suppose you want 22 + 34.
You can imagine the numbers one below the other if you like:

+ 34

You can see that the tens total is 5 and the units total is 6, which gives 56.
This is easy because there are no carries.

Alternative Method

Another way to add 22 + 34 is to start with the bigger number, 34, and add 20. This makes 54.

Then add the 2 to make 56.


Subtractions too can be very easy.

For example 57 – 33 = 24.

Just subtract the tens and then subtract the units.

Imagine it like this if you like:

– 33

Key Points of this Lesson:

  • For addition, just add the tens first, then add the units
  • For subtraction, just subtract the tens and then the units


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