The Art of Subtraction

In this lesson:

  • Taking numbers away from each other
  • Using the Number Line for subtraction
  • Checking subtractions

The Meaning of Subtraction

Suppose you want 62 – 5.

This means we want to take 5 from 62.

Or 62 take away 5.

We also call this subtraction.

Subtraction means “take away”.

Subtracting using Multiples of Ten

How do you take away 5 from 62?

You can use the multiples of 10 we used in the last lesson.

You can take 2 from 62 to get 60, and that leaves 3 to be taken from 60 which leaves 57.

So 62 – 5 = 57.

You can do this with a number line as shown, or do it in your head.

Checking Subtractions

You can always check a take away (or subtraction, as they are often called) by adding the number you took away onto your answer. You should get the number you were subtracting from.

For example, to check 62 – 5 = 57, you find 57 + 5. And since that makes 62, which is the number you were subtracting from, 57 must be correct.

Key Points of this Lesson:

  • ‘Taking away’ is also called ‘subtraction’
  • These can be done with the Number Line, using multiples of 10
  • Checking subtractions is easy: just add your answer and the number being taken away

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